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    Our parish is located at:
    90 Third St. (New Dorp, S.I.)
    Staten Island, NY 10306
    Ph. (718) 351-1093,(718) 351 - 1372 
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  • Pastor's Desk...

    Dear Parish Family,
    As we enter into a week made “holy” forever by the self surrendering love of Jesus - for us all.
    We begin the holiest week of our Church year in very different circumstances than ever before. We are unable to gather in church for the celebration of Palm Sunday and the sacred days of the Triduum. We cannot take blessed palms home as a sign of our devotion. Changes are all around us. These are proving to be challenging times for our communities. Social distancing, working from home, people we know getting sick, restrictions on travel, weddings, funerals and even Sunday Mass, have us feeling a little lost, alone and distant. These feelings have left each one of us desiring communion with God and with others. St. Augustine said, “Our heart is restless until it rests in you O Lord.” So, we continue seeking out how to live in this challenging reality that affects our relationship with God, with those we live with, with our neighbors, and with our world.
    So no matter what we experience this week, we can let it become a “holy” week, letting it all be touched by the graces of this week.  From the humble, yet triumphant, entry into Jerusalem, to our standing together at the foot of his cross, this can be a week which helps us bring all of the elements of our lives, all our experiences of sin and death, into the font of his redeeming, liberating death resurrection.
    Even if we can't celebrate these days liturgically, we can reflect upon the symbols and rituals, and let the prayers of the liturgies draw us in. All, that we might know the depth of the love being offered us, and power of the gift of life won for us.
    PARTICIPATE IN MASS REMOTELY Not being together as a church is hard, even painful. For some, it might even be impossible to remember a weekend that didn't include Mass. But here we are. So as a Church, we are going to lean into God's promise and make the best of this. We are going to claim the promise that He is with us, He will never fail us. And even in the midst of this, He desires to grow us and our capacity to know and love Jesus Christ.
    Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Holy Week at Home
    Below are simple and meaningful ways to draw closely to Jesus in His Passion and Death—all while staying at home.
    Set a Schedule
    Since we have already spent multiple weeks at home—and the days can run together—it is important to set Holy Week apart so that it feels special. Create a schedule for the week. Designate times for: Prayer,Spiritual reading,Simple meals, Rest and recreation, including time outside Work (i.e. bigger projects Monday-Wednesday; only necessary work during the Triduum)
    Pray with Scripture
    Pray and reflect upon the daily Psalms and Gospel readings. This is a beautiful way to follow Jesus from Palm Sunday through His Passion on Good Friday. Magnificat’s online magazine is free right now. It includes all the daily Mass readings, plus morning and evening prayers.
    Here are some simple guidelines for praying with Scripture:
    -Spend 5-10 minutes settling down. Notice your cares and concerns. Jot down a few feeling words.
    -Invite God to approach you. Notice His presence, and enter into it.
    -Read the daily Scripture passage slowly several times.
    -Highlight words or phrases that stand out to you.
    -Notice what rises in your heart: thoughts, emotions, memories, hopes, fears, or dreams. Offer them to God.
    -Listen for His response, through Scripture or a stirring in your heart.
    -At the conclusion of your prayer time, thank God for this time together. Journal your experience, if you so desire.
    Turn Down the Noise
    During Holy Week, limit secular music, social media, and news programs.
    Instead, enjoy sacred music, such as Lent at Ephesus by the Benedictines of Mary Queen of Apostles.
    Grow in Your Faith
    Holy Week is a wonderful time for spiritual growth. Do something each day to enhance your faith.
    Read a chapter from a spiritual book.