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    Our parish is located at:
    90 Third St. (New Dorp, S.I.)
    Staten Island, NY 10306
    Ph. (718) 351-1093,:(718) 351 - 1372 Cell:(347)740-0488: Fax: (718) 351-1784
    website: olqpchurch.org
    email: olqpchurch@verizon.net


  • Life Teen Blog

    • If there was a mixtape of the biggest hits from the first few hundred years of Christianity, it would be filled with tracks from the Church Fathers -- the OGs of Catholicism.
    • Romero is a perfect example of the inextricable link between orthodoxy and the call to resist injustices of the world; his life (and eventual death) proves that you don’t have to choose between one...
    • Today, despite same-sex attractions and transgender inclinations being a part of my story, self-identifying as gay, transgender, or even straight is something I choose not to do.
  • Parish Events

    • Saturday, March 24
      Schedules of Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors are uploaded under the Ministries heading. Please place the cursor on it and click. You will be able to down load the related schedule document
    • Saturday, March 31
      Lent 2018 In order to make the season of Lent a more fruitful one we invite our parish family to come to events we have scheduled below: MONDAYS IN LENT : Miraculous Medal Novena - 7:30pm WEDNESDAYS IN LENT: 8:15am Morning Prayer before Mass FRIDAYS IN LENT : Stations of the Cross - 7:30pm Lower Chapel PRAYER BASKET : Bring your prayer intention on a pa per and drop it in the basket in front of the altar for the whole Church to pray. FIRST FRIDAY : Eucharistic Adoration – Lower Chapel March 4th 9:00am to 9:00pm REGULAR CONFESSION SCHEDULE: OLQP – Saturday 3:00pm to 3:45pm OLL – Before the 10am Sunday Mass
    • Monday, April 30
      THE 2019 MASS BOOK IS OPEN. Mass offering is to be made when the Mass is arranged in the Rectory during office hours. Weekend Masses and Holy Days of Obligation Masses are still $25 and Monday through Saturday morning Masses are $15.