OLQP Church

Holy Week Schedule


Reconciliation Monday: 3pm to 9pm (OLQP)
  Confessions heard after the 8:30am Mass (OLQP)
Tuesday: Chrism Mass-St. Patrick's Cathedral - Blessing of Holy Oils
  Confessions heard after the 8:30 am Mass (OLQP)
Wednesday: Confessions heard after the 8:30am Mass (OLQP)
Holy Thursday: 10:00 am Mass (OLQP)
  8:00 pm   Mass of the Last Supper (OLQP & OLL)
  Repository Adoration to 11:00pm (OLQP & OLL)
Good Friday - Fast & Abstinence:  3:00 pm   Celebration of the Lord's Passion (OLQP & OLL)
  7:30 pm   Stations of the Cross - Upper Church
Holy Saturday: No Masses during the day
  Confessions heard from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm (OLQP)
  8:00 pm   Easter Vigil Mass (OLQP & OLL)
Easter Sunday: Sunday Mass Schedule
  Confessions heard from 9:30 am to 9:55 am (OLL)